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Breast Reconstructionin Virginia Beach, VA

Reconstruct and Redefine You

Breast reconstruction is available at SJ Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach.

Women in Virginia Beach consider breast reconstruction to restore and reshape the breasts after a Mastectomy. Losing your breasts to cancer may have a significant impact on you, but Breast Reconstruction at SJ Plastic Surgery will improve the appearance of your breasts with implants or via a flap procedure. To have breast reconstruction done, you must be examined to know which option best suits you. Learn more about breast reconstruction and our surgical approaches by booking a consultation at SJ Plastic Surgery at our office in Virginia Beach. Our board-certified and knowledgeable surgeons specialize in breast reconstruction and other cosmetic surgeries.

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What is Breast Reconstruction?

Re-volumize your breast with breast reconstruction. This surgery reshapes and improves the appearance of your breasts after a mastectomy by using an implant or a flap. A flap involves transferring skin and fat (usually from your lower abdomen) to the breast. There are typically two surgeries involved in reconstructing your breasts. During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your breasts and work with you to customize a treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals.

Your Breast Reconstruction Procedure

The first stage begins with a tissue expander temporarily placed into a breast pocket before your implant placement. This is a one to two-hour outpatient surgery. The expander has a port system that receives a small injection of saline every week until your breasts reach the size discussed in your treatment plan and is making room for your future implant.

The second stage involves removing the tissue extender and placing saline or silicone implants into the breast pocket. Again, this surgery takes one to two hours and is an outpatient procedure.

Patients have another option, the Unilateral or Bilateral Direct-to-Implant Breast Reconstruction. During your mastectomy, implants may be placed directly into your breasts, thereby bypassing the tissue expander stage. Instead, your surgeon can insert a silicone or saline breast implant to restore the shape and size of your breasts immediately. However, the drawback to this approach is that you can only be the breast size you were before your surgery. If you wish to increase the size of your breasts, a tissue expander is a necessary step.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery & Results

Your downtime will vary depending on your reconstruction method. You can expect to experience soreness, swelling, and mild bruising during your recovery. It is essential to take the time to heal and rest for optimum results you will see in four to six weeks.

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Our board-certified surgeons specialize in breast reconstruction and offer compassionate care to redefine your breasts. We understand this surgery is a personal choice and one that should be made with all the information needed for a decision that works for you. First, learn more about breast reconstruction and if this surgical procedure suits your needs. Then, schedule your consultation at the office in Virginia Beach.

Breast ReconstructionFrequently Asked Questions

Is breast reconstruction in Virginia Beach safe?

Breast reconstruction offers a low-risk surgical approach for removing implants or reconstructing your breasts. However, the most critical factor is to ensure your health and safety by choosing a surgeon at SJ Plastic Surgery to manage your expectations and make your breast reconstruction something that brings you satisfaction and improved self-confidence.

What are the risks?

Breast reconstruction is a safe and effective procedure; however possible risks and complications include implant rejection, nerve damage, blood clots, infection, implant malposition, and possible revision surgery.

How much does it cost?

Breast reconstruction is an individualized procedure, and your cost will vary based on the extent of your reconstruction. Your surgeon will discuss your surgical options and devise your treatment plan during your consultation. The cost of our procedure is discussed at this time.

Does my insurance cover it?

Yes, federal law requires your insurance carrier to cover costs associated with breast reconstruction.

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